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Let's speak about ⛪The Bells of Notre Dame⛪











Sooooo much touching and beautiful story!!!!I cannot see the musical without crying.I felt difference of the eras where we live. Social system, values, and human being, everything is so much different from current world. It’s really hard to imagine how it was challenging to live themselves lives following their desire.


Amazing music and choruses!!!! 
So many great songs are there in the musical, but I would say main melody and Hell Fire are the two top music I was impressed. 
A song, which in a jail, when Esmeralda and Phoebus lamented their situations they were put and hope their dream that every people could have fare lives in the future was fantastic. 
I feel sorry for Esmeralda because she was given guilty due to the era, the era people didn’t have fare lives.
I don’t think we have obtained thoroughly fare lives in this current world yet, but it is easy to imagine how many more obstructs were there in the past. 
 I like a melody and song when Phoebus sang songs. “Hear me~~ people of Paris~♪”

 I like a scene that Quasimodo started to chat with Gargoyles.
 First time I watched the scene, I wasn’t immediately aware of they were Gargoyles. But hearing bell sounds and seeing their posture, they move like stones, I got the idea and excited in the direction.
 At the time Esmeralda first appear at the stage and started dancing, she was beautifully outstanding. 
 I can understand the three guys were crushed on her at that time.
 Also, I like when the time went slowly while she is dancing, scarfs in her hands stopped reflecting wind.  

About Frollo
He is an awful character in this story. His behaviors were like a monster, wicked, or evil as he called Esmeralda and Quasimodo like that way.
Meanwhile, he is very human, perhaps more than anyone in this story.
He conflicted between religious faithfulness and human nature emotion in his mind.
I can say his sincere Christianity was great. He always gave his love to his family and tried to save them. Even he loved Quasimodo. He certainly had love in him.
But because he strongly obeyed Christianity, he just couldn’t accept his emotion, love, and sexual desire for a woman.
I think Frollo was also a victim of the era.
However, sometimes he was just disgusting. For example, when he asked Esmeralda to stay in his sanctuary, when he assaulted her in the jail. Moreover, his figure was reflected like an evil when he sang a song, Hell Fire. Even though I like the song so much!


Notre Dome has a lot of stories of people. People have been praying at the sanctuary. Just like this musical, I can imagine that people made lots of memories and historical events with the Cathedral. As this in mind, it is really sad that Notre Dome barned out last year.