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🖼HANABIYORI 花とデジタルのアートショー


I went to Hanabiyori, a facility where flowers and art are fused.
We can not only see the seasonal flowers here, but also we can see an flower art show using project mapping.


(1)画家たちにとっての花アート Flower art for painters

The theme of this time was to enjoy the images of paintings related to the flowers of the Impressionist painters,Van Gogh, Monet, and Renoir in a five-minute video.

The change of the sight from Van Gogh's "Starry Night" to "Sunflower" gave me the illusion seeing a glimpse of his life.

In 5 minutes,
it was unlike the feeling when I saw only one picture,
I was made to think about what the painter felt and tried to cut out this moment,
and I felt the depth of taste.

(2)植物から人の心を映し出す Reflecting the human heart from plants

Also, the main video is projected on the Symbol tree like banyan tree, and the production that reflects the hearts of various human beings from one life of the plant is wonderful.
It was a close feeling of the connection between people and plants, and reminded us of a life with plants.

Special season editions of project mapping are held every season and I would like to go see them if I have the opportunity.

(3)外装 Exterior

The exterior was beautiful, and now it was very beautiful to decorate the sky with a transparent colorful umbrella and draw a rainbow in the sky with the umbrella.
How about refreshing with flowers?