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Artizon museum


Artizon museum


This time, I want to telll my impressions while following three topics.

(1) Introduce a variety of works with frank impressions.

 First I would like to introduce the museum.

(2) The Interesting theme of Artizon museum

 I would like to talk about the theme of the museum and my opinion.

(3) Conclusion -The future of my art-

 Finally, I would like to look back at various arts and talk about my future perspectives on art.




(1) Introduce a variety of works with frank impressions.


Venus!!!!!!! The line of the body is too beautiful (* ' `)





Your face is Crushed.Are you OK?






The long long cat is from Egypt. Only you are in the case because you have moss.






The main picture is a gentle color.

There are many abstract paintings that are strong, but this is gentle.











I don't know well Abstract paintings.

But these are nice!










Huh, Picasso?The picture is bulging.  
But it is normal,yet.







 What happened to Picasso!!!!!!!!!!!




It was interesting to watch each art works of same artists that were quite different in their style from beginning.


And Artison's Selected  architecture is also good.




Cool! Good choice of materials and furniture made to order for museum.








(2) The Interesting theme of Artizon museum





This theme was close to my interest.
I sympathized the acitivity trying to make us consider what art is by sharing all of Artison's art works
After I watched all pictures, I asked myself again,"What is art?"

Recently I feel art is like a human communication.
For example, I can't understand about grandmother's stories.But if I listen carefully to her story and learn about her life, I can understand and her story turn into a meaningful story.
Similarly,If I study about uninteresting art works,I know about a experience through painting and another interesting knowledge and thought.

So while we go to art museums,we meet any times and people.
I thought so naturally in this diverse museum.



 (3) Conclusion -The future of my art-
For me, I started art appreciation for work.
As children's psychiatry specialists, I decided to learn about art to study art therapy.

My first hope is "have fun"," be thrilled", and "get useful tips for my job".
I asked just only that for art.

However, recently I started an art club and got a lot of oppotunities to listen to impressions of art from friends.
"Oh, I don't come up with the impressions.I don't know enough knowledge about art history"
"I can't feel such colors like my friends who are painting."

I always get a new impression !
That is wonderful!


And New ideas sprout and expand my perspective on painting.

The entrance to art is free.
However, how many we can choose the way for art appreciation depends on us.

First,I studeid a genuine love of art from work.
And thanks to my friends,next is an interest in historical culture and therapeutic perspectives and recentlly I want to understand the colors of the hearts that people have accumulated in time .

What art is giving us will not be visible unless we continue to meet.

That is the interesting!




Let’s enjoy together!

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